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With caries, acute suffering from eating dispiriting or hot, dear or sour foods and disappears if the irritant is eliminated.

Friendliness with artistic descriptions of medical topics is elementary in requital for enhancing the urbanity of the doctor; E.I. Liechtenstein (1978) has provided a good brief of what writers assert close to this side of our lives.


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The difficulties of the medical profession were vividly described alongside A.P. Chekhov, V.V. Veresaev, M.A. Bulgakov; they are reworking to make up over on the side of every doctor - they band the uninteresting conferring of textbooks.


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Almost the whole kit that Hippocrates said is deserving of notice, cautious contemplation, although this talk, apparently, is more addressed to companion citizens than to doctors. Nevertheless, the prospective doctor must weigh his capabilities - the routine movement of the suffering, the assured aerosphere of heavy spectacles and experiences.


Taking care of the health of the population in our countryside is one of the most significant tasks of the solemn, and the doctor has suit the executor of this thoughtful task. In the USSR, doctors are not people of the self-styled free speciality, plain figures working in the social field. The relationship between doctor and accommodating has changed accordingly.

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The creation of a public health provide for system, the creation of unshackled medical circumspection, established a modern relationship between doctor and patient.

The Cyclopean October Socialist Revolution created unusual, most humane rules in compensation medical practice. All the relationship between doctor and unaggressive, distorted on money-grubbing philosophy and work, has changed dramatically.


The opinion of a healer in uncultivated communities, all of a add up to the stock, was honorable.


Solely during the Skilful French Cataclysm of 1789 did affirm rule of medical instruction and relief about; in support of example, since 1795, past manifesto, compulsory upbringing of students at the bedside was introduced.


The predicament of medical care in the 17th and 18th centuries was to a certain extent lachrymose, the insufficiency of knowledge was masked around abstruse reasoning, wigs and ceremonious robes. This circumstances of healing is portrayed absolutely truthfully in Moliere's comedies. The existing hospitals provided meager backing to the sick.



Fairly minute information less obsolescent nostrum was found in the papyri of Old Egypt. The Eberts and Edwin Smith papyri provided a pr‚cis of medical knowledge. A tight specialization was characteristic of the medicine of Antique Egypt, there were break down healers after the treatment of lesions of the eyes, teeth, aim, stomach, as proficiently as the treatment of imperceptible diseases (!) (As the case may be they were correlated to internal pathology?). This extreme specialization is considered one of the reasons that delayed the progress of pharmaceutical in Egypt.